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Charlie Croker

Terms of Employment: The Secret Lingo of the Workplace


Has your doctor ever prescribed you some bug-juice? Or sent you to the rheumaholiday department? Have you ever read an article full of anecdata or reviewphemisms? Do you think you work in an adhocracy, for a seagull manager? Every workplace has its own words and phrases, from the Smurf juice used to clean plane toilets to the Peckham Rolexes, worn by criminals on release from prison. For "Terms of Employment", Charlie Croker has patrolled hospital corridors, hung out by office water-coolers and lingered in shops to listen in on the conversations that only take place at work, gathering together the jargon we all use, often without thinking. Whether you're a white wig (new barrister), a heatseeker (ambitious employee) or an entreprenerd (geeky IT pioneer) "Terms of Employment" is an invaluable - and entertaining - guide.

Format: Hardcover
Published: in UK in 2012
Publisher: Random House Books
Pages: 256
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9781847946843
ISBN 10: 1847946844

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Terms of Employment: The Secret Lingo of the Workplace